Neon is a venue-driven reselling solution developed with support from Nesta and Arts Council England, that helps venues and promoters take control of their secondary market, eliminate fraud, and offer a fair and transparent official reselling platform to their customers.

Neon lets venues:
Check and approve resellers
Set reselling options that work for everybody
Collect and admin fee or a share of the proceeds
Ensure the transfer happens smoothly and collect new customer details

For customers it means:
Buying and selling knowing the venue is happy
The ticket is always genuine
No nervous waits

Meet our team

The Neon team are hugely experienced in the events, entertainment and ticketing marketplace. Neon benefits from over 40 years combined experience in venues, promotions, online communities and business systems.

Dan Eastmond

CEO & Founder

Dan has spent 25 years working from arts co-ops and pirate radio to the music industry, nightclubs and entertainment venues. From street performances to online communities, galleries and members clubs. His projects include Number10, The Firestation, Lemonade Gallery and Fireythings.

Suman Krishan

Onboarding and Project Manager

Suman has a MSc in Tech Project Management and makes sure our customers have everything they need. Suman is a strong leader and brilliant fixer, with a great record of handling the complex and fast moving needs of venues and customers.

Sarah Traut

Office Manager

Sarah runs our office, picks up your emails and makes sure everything is perfect. Sarah is a highly experienced office manager with extensive experience in a range of industries including sound production, advertising and event management.

Neon is owned and managed by Firesoft Ltd, a UK registered company number 10349216